“Our goal is to strengthen our position as a leading provider of sustainable real estate solutions, reduce our carbon footprint and enhance positive social impacts in the communities where we work.”

Environmental Sustainability

Act as responsible environmental stewards by actively managing our environmental impacts, preserving resources, and improving the positive while reducing the negative, in addition to complying with all applicable design and construction environmental laws and regulations.

  • Understanding the impact of our products
  • We regularly work hand-in-hand with WASSA and other environmental groups on our development services projects
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Social Responsibility

Hernandez believes that socially responsible business practices make a positive impact on our employees, clients, and business partners’ health & safety, and we aim to impact our communities by actively managing our social impacts through:

  • Investing in Our People
  • Prioritizing Safety & Health
  • Investing in the well-being of the Communities in which we work
  • Our “Chances” Program
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Governance, Compliance & Ethics

Uphold dependable governance structures that effectively create accountability for delivering sustainable performance, build in-house capacity to serve the current and future needs of our clients, and communicate our sustainability efforts through transparent reporting.

  • Sustainability Strategic Plan
  • Inclusivity/DiversityProgram
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Privacy
  • Support of the Industry
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