Building a Culture of Caring

Over the decades, Hernandez Construction has been guided by the philosophy that we can make a positive impact in the world by bringing success to our people, our partners and our clients. We believe in taking an active philanthropic role in the communities where our team members and customers live and work. We want them to be proud to work with a company that truly cares about people and goes the extra mile to do what’s right.

Hernandez Construction is committed to developing deep connections with organizations by finding meaningful and ongoing ways to give back. Creating a sense of community is essential to the individual and collective employee experience and ensures a thriving and engaged team member base. In our effort to enhance communities, we looked through the eyes of a person in need at various stages of life and created our Chances program

First Chance

Focusing on organizations that provide support to children in order to make sure they get a fair “first chance” at life.

Second Chance

Supporting people in need that are reaching for a “second chance” at life, such as at-risk adolescence or drug and alcohol recovery programs.

Last Chance

Volunteering time and resources for the elderly to assist in navigating through the late stages of life and having end-of-life care options to provide them with dignity in their transition.

Prioritizing Safety & Health

SAFETY CULTURE—to create a culture where everyone has a voice and support collaborative partnerships between management and workers to prevent injuries

SAFETY ONBOARDING & ORIENTATION—to execute practical and hands-on training focusing on the skills each team member must develop to be successful and safe to achieve our goal of getting our employees and partners home safely each day.

SPEAK UP/LISTEN UP—to provide teams at all levels with the simple tools to deliver and receive safety-related feedback, so all employees feel empowered to confidently speak up, and listen up, about safety

SAFETY DASHBOARDS & REPORTING—to track performance on key safety metrics (including leading indicators such as near misses), support improved data analytics, and provide monthly communications on safety performance. Our safety strategic plan identifies six key results areas:

  • At-risk behavior prevention
  • Planning and program management
  • Performance monitoring and analysis
  • Company-wide training and communication
  • Safety professional recruiting & development
  • Citation prevention

Employee Engagement

While the tools of the industry have gotten more sophisticated, we still believe our best tool is the power of human creativity. Hernandez values the diversity of our team members and is committed to maintaining an inclusive culture that welcomes and leverages our differences and similarities. Their dedication to providing world-class service to our clients, resolve for delivering exceptional work, capacity for innovation and problem solving, and unwavering commitment to improving the communities we serve, not only make Hernandez Construction a great place to work, but a company our clients want to work with. Everyday, we strive to continuously expand our employees forward-thinking mentality through:

  • Professional development
  • Personal development
  • Employee events
  • Volunteer opportunities

Diversity & Inclusion

minority owned
hispanic workforce

Currently, women represent 25% of the company overall, which is 15% above the construction industry average of 10% female representation.

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