Laura Perez

Director - Procurement

Throughout her career, Laura has cultivated strong relationships with subcontractors, subconsultants, and clients, demonstrating her commitment to collaboration and excellence. Her expertise extends across various facets of the industry, including Accounting, Project Management, Legal, Safety, Risk, and Procurement. Laura is adept at negotiating contracts with clients and vendors in both the Private and Public Sectors, ensuring compliance with corporate regulations and procedures. She excels in cost-effective procurement, maintaining low costs while optimizing productivity. Laura is dedicated to client satisfaction and has a proven track record of creating substantial cost savings through meticulous buy-out processes. Her commitment to corporate values is evident in the establishment of streamlined processes and procedures. One of Laura’s key strengths lies in her ability to drive cost-effective solutions while maintaining high productivity levels. Her proficiency in negotiating pricing, coupled with her vast network of subcontractors and suppliers. Laura’s impact extends beyond the bottom line, as she has played a pivotal role in establishing processes and procedures aligned with corporate core values. Her expertise encompasses the development of process flows and SOPs for Pre-Qualification, Sub-Contracting, and Procurement, demonstrating her commitment to operational excellence.

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