TheraPeeds Family Center

TheraPeeds is the first-of-its-kind free-standing family therapy center. It was built using the tiltwall method of construction and was designed with a stunning mixture of steel and glass with clean, white colors contrasted with bright, vivid colors throughout to compliment the science-based but fun approach that TheraPeeds practices.

By including a carefully thought-out, age-specific environment and programs designed not just for the individual in need but also the family or individuals surrounding them, TheraPeeds is able to achieve much higher levels of success with their treatment programs.

“This project sets a higher standard for family therapy, with customized design and unique features that combine versatility and functionality with elegance in a way that can only be experienced in a stand-alone center,” said Miguel Corniel, TheraPeeds chief operations officer.

Throughout the project, we stayed committed to TheraPeeds business goals and to completing the project in a safe, cost-effective manner, allowing them to focus their valuable time on running their everyday business. In the end, we are proud that the project team delivered a structure and design that reflects Dr. Julia Harper’s personality through its mix of fun colors and beautiful, functional and sophisticated design of the completed TheraPeeds facility!

TheraPeeds was honored as a finalist for the 2019 South Florida Business Journal’s Structures Awards in the Community Impact Category.

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